Morning session Muay Thai beginners in Khao Lak Muay Thai & Bjj team RAFA pinto!
Click here to watch how to do proper hand wrapping Muay Thai!

Click here to watch how to do proper hand wrapping Muay Thai!


Muay Thai in Khao Lak isn’t big as in Phuket and we have only one small stadium here where every Friday the show its up, mostly kids form Phang Nga province, Krabi, and some from Burma!
There are only two camps here where foreigns are able to training Muay Thai and fitness, One its Rawai Muay Thai they moved from Phuket to Khao Lak while ago and doing pretty good, Rawai Muay Thai have tradition teaching Muay Thai! video of Little girl training muay thai in khao lak click here
And Combat360x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai Team Rafa Pinto we been open since low season when Khao Lak was empty of foreigns right now still have a lot of land per person for square meter but it’s nicer and more friendly just as much as Phuket we make new friends everyday people walking to the gym door become normal, we have a Thai trainer here One who used to be trainer in Phuket for the biggest gyms around very experienced and great teacher Kru One !
Some days we run class together and this video it’s part of our daily Muay Thai session we have a kids program for Thai Kids that want to training!
This is Catherine smashing the pads 😁😁😁

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Since always we have tried to unify all the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts in South Thailand to make this happen instead of talking we invite all the best fighters in Phuket from all the MMA gyms to have a weekend training together at MMA Training Camp Khao Lak Thailand / Combat 360x of kind of gateway from the new busy Phuket! Training a variation of judo for Grappling for warm up, on the loor game jiujitsu rubber guard from Eddie Bravo thats what Wiktor Swensson from Maximun Muay Thai bring for us while i was working arm drags! This video you can have idea how cool this experience can be! Again everyone is invited from every single mma gym in Thailand come down to share and add knowledge

I really enjoy 2014 A lot changes for better off course plus It was a long year full of traveling and working in Jordan for the Desert Force as assistant coach with the former Champion at Desert Force Aziz Julaidan to prepare Arab fighters to enter the reality show!

When I come back to Tiger I was working with Jianping Yang the superstar Chinese fighter who won Tuff China and want to be ready to fight on Ufc as one of Tiger Muay Thai Fighters !

In Switzerland not so different working for Icon Jiu-Jitsu together with Anderson pereira for a month! Right now back in Thailand doing my own training ! Tiger Muay Thai it’s busy so good to be back and see my old friends Will Elliot and Fernando Maccachero guys who I respect a lot!
News about Khao Lak the gym it’s open and clean we are training everyday Muay Thai, Bjj, yoga, fitness!
At combat 360x the accommodation will be ready in 2 months time 7 rooms will be part of our facilities!
Check the website for more info about Khao Lak MMA Training Camp Thailand! WWW.COMBAT360X.COM


I like to receive visit from my friends and students when they come back to Phuket Ce Claire but one thing I realised is whenever I go somewhere I always end up meeting students of MuayThai trainers that are my friends too, that is really cool I am exchanging a lot in this way as a person and truly technical, I can
See how people absorbed technic and how they apply when they come back home!
This is Misha Paulino Portuguese guy who Lives and training in Geneve Switzerland, he is student of Athit Pradipton who used to be Dragon Muay Thai Trainer and now it’s Ignite Muay Thai His own Muay Thai school!
We have a little session today was just finding distances pure much ;) videos coming soon


To see the video click here: Muay Thai Tailandia KO
Double left knee, right elbow follow, 12345 low kick go home rest, training again, fighting again that’s lifestyle for Muay Thai fighters in Thailand! Right now I am not able to training in high intensity for while since last year what means I am teaching in gyms around the world invited by friends must of the time what’s really cool, people who follow my fights before and my training now we can change experience together! I will be in Thailand all December in Phuket to training a bit with my Thai Trainers and also Fernando Maccachero, Roger Huerta and Brian Ebersole the Head Mma Coach at Tiger!
January 2015 we are doing the second event of Gods Of Grappling in Kao Lak where we invite all the Head MMA / BJJ coaches from Phuket to enjoy the nice place Kao Lak is not crowded like Phuket ! We training at Combat 360x mma gym and training camp facilities!


Running doenst change, same for BJJ/mma training at Icon Mma Swiss, First day this of training this week start now! I am able to training now after traveling since 7 of September when I went to fight in china until now to fight in Geneva! Time to put training as as priority again because I am not teaching classes I have to work on myself! Thank you everyone to support me…


Jianping Yang fighting on Ufc Macau and he is doing his training at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp Phuket Thailand where Brian Ebersole is the head MMA coach! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Session focused on mma with me! Bjjway


Aziz Julaidan and I running the green team nice day in Jarash! Reality show running by Desert Force together with MBC Action ! Challenges, fights, training MMA in Jordan ! Great experience with the best fighters In Middle East !


Rafael fights because he loves it, pro Muay Thai & MMA fighter for Tiger and BJJ Black belt. He discusses his philosophies of training and what drives him to compete in the sport of Muay Thai and MMA.
Sponsored fighter at Tiger Muay Thai and Assistant MMA/Bjj coach
A Film By Stuart Cooper


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